IIDA WI Student Essay Competition 2020

The deadline for student entry information is extended to February 5th, 2020.  There is no cost for submission, but each student must be an IIDA member and be pursuing a degree in Interior Design within the state of Wisconsin. If you are not a member, you may apply for membership before submissions are due on February 5th, 2020 and still be accepted as a valid member. All final essay submissions must be uploaded on the form below by end of day on February 5th, 2020. For any technical issues with information submission or payments, please contact [email protected].

judging criteria

Inclusion of all components with the submission (Executive Summary and Designer Qualifications)
  •          Did the executive summary create a mental image of the solution they are trying to sell
  •          Writing style and written capabiliites

How well were the design elements articulated in the executive summary, did it create a mental image of the solution?

How well were the designer/student qualifications described, are they clear and concise?

(Do not include your name in the written essay uploaded)

executive summary

Please provide a minimum of 500 words (PDF or Microsoft Word File format).  This scholarship opportunity is focused around the ability to convey design ideas through the written word.  Judges will be concentrating on writing style and capabilities, not design solution or designer qualifications.  One $1000.00 Scholarship will be awarded.

Executive summary - articulate the use of design principles to solve the problem below

o   Executive Summary description

o   Executive Summary example

Your Qualifications/Experience – who are you statement

Any mention of your name in the essay will result in disqualification.

Problem (Challenge)

GNBP Design is a marketing/PR firm located in the Midwest.  We are looking to open a second office location in Madison, WI.  We have signed a lease in a tenant building one block from the Capitol Square.   Our business focus is creating evolved, strategic marketing and coming up with the 'big ideas' for our customers.  We work in multiple media formats and need to hire the best talent to keep up in this competitive hiring market.  We are also focused on public health initiatives, education, and outreach opportunities for the community in which we work. 

Our Space Requirements:

  • Workspace for approximately 15 staff, with room to accommodate doubling our staff in 2-4 years.
  • A space designed to attract and retain top talent
  • We are exploring the use of alternative work styles for all employees.  We are open to a less than 1:1 sharing ratio and flexible work environments, especially as we grow.  The majority of the staff will focus on design work. 
  • Provide areas throughout the space that encourage healthy choices.  (Opportunities for flexible work styles -standing/sitting/walking/lounging, etc)
  • There will be one HR person that will deal with sensitive information and employee needs. 
  • Requirements for pin up space - for work and show for clients and community
  • Client interaction spaces
  • Community space for break/social function/larger meetings – want to be able to provide educational opportunities and engage the neighborhood in which we work   
  • Technical Services Room - plotter, Multi-function copier, scanner, printer, office supplies, shipping supplies, etc.  

Please provide a written executive summary of your design ideas for GNBP's new Madison location.  Also include a short introduction of your design firm (use a fictitious name – student names should not appear in the text of the submission).  

Student information

Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer: I understand the rules of the competition and all information submitted is original.  I understand that plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of ethics.  IIDA WI reserves the right to disqualify any entry viewed as plagiarized.  

I understand that my submission and information become property of IIDA – Wisconsin Chapter for use in publication/promotion. I understand that the jury reserves the right to not select a winner from the entries submitted. I confirm that this entry meets eligibility requirements.  I have reviewed the information shown
above to assure that it is true, accurate and complete for possible publishing and for IIDA – related
press materials. I verify that the entry is entirely the work of those listed on this form.

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