Member Spotlight Nancy Widi 2015

Name: Nancy Widi

Membership Type: Professional  (since 1996)

City Center: Fox Valley

Company/ Location/ Position: Somerville, Inc./ Green Bay, WI/ Senior  Interior Designer

Bio: Nancy Widi’s career in interior design began in the most unlikely of places—her parents’ basement. As a child, Nancy would spend hours laying out remnants of parquet tile left over from her father’s work in the tile and terrazzo flooring industry to arrange floor plans she’d love to one day call her own. However, after growing up and finding her way into interior design, she found that environments that were functionally well designed simply weren’t enough—they also needed to incorporate human needs and emotions. The most thoughtfully realized interiors, she learned, also inspired their occupants to feel a certain way, depending on their purpose—inspired, safe, focused or merely just comfortable. Though Nancy’s experience includes designing interiors for everything from corporate offices and banks to retail facilities and airports, she found her ability to integrate the “human factor” in her designs was particularly critical for healthcare environments. In designing a Cancer Center for one healthcare provider, Nancy went to great lengths to create a space that was warm and uplifting while also ensured patients’ desires for privacy. Nancy’s “caretaker” personality and natural eagerness to please also extends to her approach working with clients—it’s why many of them have called on Nancy’s talents time and again for years, even decades. She simply knows how to put people at ease.

Favorite IIDA event: Interior Perspectives.  I enjoy the CEU event.  The quality of the seminars keeps me interested each year

Favorite area restaurant: I enjoy the supper club experience and would be remiss if did not mention Wally’s Spot Supper Club since I have a personal connection.   In addition, I enjoy dining at several of Green Bay’s restaurants located in the Historical Broadway Entertainment District.

Hobbies: I love spending time at our family cottage swimming & canoeing and being outdoors in general.  I also, love dining out with friends and wine tasting.

Current design obsession:Browsing the Houzz site for all sorts of design ideas.  I’m especially taken with the recent posts of small backyard garden homes/studio/dens.

What gets you excited about design? : Working new and fresh design trends into the finishes and furnishings of our client’s space make my job exciting. My work continues to be challenging and interesting as our client’s needs and wants continually change.  “Design Matters” for all of our firm’s projects and, for me personally, building lasting relationships has been a privilege over the years!