EVENT RECAP: [Madison] BRAve

35 members of the Madison design community were BRAve on 11.29! Over 100 bras were donated to DAIS – WOW!  We gathered together to support domestic abuse survivors and to learn how to stay safe.

Tierney Twing, an advocate at DAIS spoke about the services that DAIS offers. In addition to providing over 16,000 safe nights in shelter, DAIS also has a 24/7 crisis help line, legal help for abuse victims, support groups and kid’s programs for victims and their families. Tierney spoke about the confidence that having a good bra and well-fitting clothing provides to someone who may have escaped a bad situation with nothing but the clothes on their back.  DAIS welcomes donations of clothing, personal care items, and more. Find out all of the ways that you can help at


We also enjoyed an interactive demonstration of self defense moves from Amy Pierquet of Women to Women Self Defense. Amy is a second degree black belt and is passionate about teaching women how to better understand the mind of the attacker. She taught a number of moves to fend off attackers and provided valuable tips on using everyday objects as weapons as well as how to avoid becoming a victim. You can contact Amy to learn more at

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