STRUT 2017 will be held on the ominous date of Friday October 13th, 2017. 

Join collaborating teams of designers and industry manufacturers from around the state in creating couture fashions using architectural building mateirals.  Space is limited so register early and help us reach our goal of $100K of total proceeds donated!   Registration will be accepted until July 31, 2017.

The Fine Print

Teams are to sign up as a group and may consist of members within or outside the design community, professionals or students, but shall be no more than 5 people total including the model and industry collaborator (manufacturer’s rep).  Each industry collaborator/manufacturer may work with only ONE team each.  This year’s theme ‘Unleash Your Alter Ego’ can be interpreted in any way the team desires (outfit, accessories, hair, makeup).  Upon team registration, you’ll be asked to name the specific person/persona/animal/character your team intends to use as the basis for your concept (can enter ‘non-specific’ if your concept will be a general).  The goal is to avoid concept duplication, with first-come-first-choice method in order of team registration.  The STRUT committee will contact the team if duplication occurs as registrations are completed.

Registered teams will receive an information packet in July outlining key parameters, award categories, and a schedule of deadlines.  This packet will also confirm your theme/concept selection.  If you are having trouble pairing up with a team (designers or industry collaborators), please contact the STRUT committee for help using the address below.


$250 fee for professional teams (up to 5 members), $125 fee for all student teams (up to 5 members, all members other than the industry collaborator must be students or professors).  Payment must be received to finalize team entry and includes one ticket to the event for each team member up to five. 


Contact STRUT committee via [email protected]


Professional Team Registration

Student Team Registration


Watch for Event ticket details to follow in August.


See below for the recap!  Would you like to download the pdf version [click here]