Membership Type: Professional

Member Since: 1996

IIDA Past Positions WI Chapter: President-elect 2003-04, President 2004-05


Company and Location: Flad Architects, Madison, WI

Position: Principal – Interiors


Favorite IIDA Event: "I will have to list these:"

IIDA Golf Outing (I love golf, just can’t play enough to stay out of the rough)

Interior Perspectives/Design Awards (Great event linked with AIA, only Chapter in the country to do this!)

STRUT (Could take the family and enjoy)


Design & Inspiration:

Such a broad category and difficult to describe in a few sentences. I think to be a successful designer, you must be a collaborator and a great listener. In our practice, we encourage and desire all team members to be a designer, from the initial programmers and planners doing masterplanning efforts to the designers doing door details and schedules near the end of a project. For me and my accomplishments, it was the great mentoring I received at Flad from our past CEO, Bill Bula. We spent long hours doing those details back in the 90s and early 2000 and discovering design and understanding design negotiations with clients and teams, from a true leader.

Inspiration for design comes in many different forms. I receive and review several publications electronically and hardcopy (a hobby of mine). I find the work being done globally is so creative. There are always little tidbits of information that I collect and recall when designing, from a unique material to a new lighting system or detail. Being a national firm, I get to see the great projects being done by our east coast and west coast offices as well. These locations represent some demanding and creative clients and these projects seem to have a different spin with design and the creative solutions. Doing current work in our Healthcare sector in Florida, we focus much attention on nature. The use of nature-like materials and colors that any person can relate to is fundamental to these projects. Working with our teams to find ways of expressing that in less apparent ways is the exciting part of what I have on the boards now.


Spending time with family – on walks, bikes, cookouts, coffee on the deck, workouts at OTF. Eating at our favorite eastside or downtown restaurants in Madison (Graft, El Dorado, Palette) is always something Kim and I like to do. The trips to visit our grandchildren in Hartford area, or to have them stay over with us is always fun. And you know they are going back to their parents and you can rest.

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