Member Spotlight_Margaret_LeMay

Membership type – Affiliate

Number of years as member: I joined in 2009 shortly after I started my art consulting business, Integrated Art Group. 

Why did you get involved with IIDA and what have you found to be most beneficial: As with any organization you get out of it what you put into it.  Networking and opportunities to collaborate with other creative individuals have been beneficial.  Designers play an important role in steering the direction of key players on a project and are conduits to the many aspects that complete a space including artwork. Working primarily in the healthcare field I wanted to expand and network with designers and trade members working in other markets such as hospitality, corporations and small professional offices.  With the recent opening of Marzen on Atwood Avenue in Madison we’ve had a fabulous response from the community and designers especially appreciate our aesthetic.  The gallery has even been the venue for design events showcasing new furniture lines and products.

Favorite IIDA Event: That’s a tough question because the bigger events like Strut and the Bag Bash are full of creative energy and support fantastic causes, but the smaller events like City Center Wine and Design gatherings are where you can connect with other members in a more intimate and relaxed setting.

What inspires you about design: Design touches every facet of our lives both overtly and subliminally.  I’m passionate about bringing art to life, and am inspired by how art, when done right, coordinates seamlessly with interiors and yet offers another dimension and depth to the overall aesthetic. 

Best book you’re read lately:  Not a whole lot of free time for reading while running 2 businesses but I’m currently reading AutismSensory-Movement Differences and Diversity by Martha R. Leary & Anne M. Donnellan.  It never ceases to amaze me how the mind works and the new insights, theories and possible treatments that are being explored to help us understand and support individuals with Autism.