Member Spotlight Cindy Schuett

Cindy Schuett

Membership Type: Professional

Member Since: 2016


Company and Location: Strang, Inc - Madison and Waukesha, WI

Position: Senior Interior Designer


How I got here: I started my career at Zingg Design in Middleton, designing hospitality and retail projects for 8 years. I learned a lot there and met some of my best friends. Craving new adventure, I moved to California and worked at DLR Group in Los Angeles for 4 years, doing mostly higher education work. I loved LA's diversity, architecture and sunshine, but I moved back to Wisconsin in October to be close to family and friends. I now work at Strang, Inc. doing a mixture of workplace, laboratory and higher education projects, and love it so far! 

Why I love IIDA: Interiors Designers are a unique, fun group of people and IIDA brings us all together to grow, learn and socialize. IIDA was there for me as a budding designer, making my first connections in the industry. IIDA helped me branch out in a new city in a new state to grow my professional circle nationwide. IIDA welcomed me back with open arms to where it all began, and I feel like I didn't miss a beat!

Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my family and friends, and I am currently trying to relearn how to play piano after leaving the instrument for many years. I have a newfound appreciation for all things that are uniquely Wisconsin, so my bucket list of local attractions to visit is growing. Suggestions welcome!