IIDA Fox Valley City Center enjoyed a fantastic evening Monday, November 7th, 2016 at The Automobile Gallery in Green Bay, WI. The Principal Architect on the project Matthew Schachtner, and Interior Designer, Nancy Widi, of Somerville Inc., toured a group of about 10 designers through this exquisite gallery. “The Automobile is the Art” they explained is appropriate as the building was never meant to be the focal point. This space was designed and created to be a vibrant backdrop to the stunning vehicles.

“History and automobile culture come to life in a spectacular new gallery and meeting venue.  The Automobile Gallery is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educate, inspire and share the passion of the automobile with the community and car enthusiasts throughout the United States.   The gallery and non-profit organization was the vision of entrepreneur and automobile collector William “Red” Lewis, who wanted to give back to the community of Green Bay.  This extraordinary property was completely updated and renovated by local craftsmen and now boasts over 18,000 square feet of event and gallery space in the heart of downtown Green Bay.  In addition to the versatile event space the gallery displays almost 50 vehicles of distinction, each with a story to help you understand and appreciate the impact of the automobile in our everyday lives.” – The Automobile Gallery

After the tour, Karen Williams, the VP of Sales at ESI Ergonomic Solutions provided an excellent hands-on CEU on Workspaceology – “Optimizing The 21st Century Workspace”. We learned how to assess, identify, and improve the critical elements of workspaces that impact productivity and well-being. We reviewed how 6 current workplace trends (cloud com­puting, mobility, smaller workstations, collaborative spaces, larger monitors, and wellness) are impacting the work­place, along with multiple generations all working together in the workplace.


It was certainly a revved up night of fun!

The Automobile offers Corporate Events and Group Tours weekly.

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